Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tour de Fleece 2011 - Day 8 & 9

Yikes!  It's hot out there!  The last two days worth of spinning have been spent poolside because it's so beautiful out yet insanely hot.  Saturday I filled two bobbins with about 5oz of Huacaya donated by Dude.  This will be the last year that I spin Dude because I sold him last month and he will be heading to his new home soon.  I wanted to create a fun yarn out of him and so I add some pizazz to the process when I ply the two singles.

Today was a super busy day because we spent most of it at the fairgrounds.  The Eaton County Fair starts tomorrow so we were getting our booth set up.  Sister Bear is showing our very own Sexy Rexy of Wonder this week will be driving all over the countryside getting her to and from the the fairgrounds plus taking care of our own work and farm.  Thank goodness tomorrow is our TdF day of rest.

So...once we got home from the fairgrounds, we jumped in the pool.  Grumpy and Brother Bear took care of barn chores so we were able to relax in the pool and cool down.  I decided to give the Pygora that I was spinning on my drop spindle a break and turned to my Confetti Reign.  I love spinning 100% Suri Alpaca on the drop spindle and she is one of my favorite girls in the world. 

Now I have to remind myself that tomorrow is the day of rest so...maybe I'll get some knitting done ;-)


  1. Spinning by the pool sounds heavenly. Looking forward to seeing the pictures of sexy rexy, hope he behaves himself!

  2. You certainly are getting some nice spinning done :-)

  3. It's been hot, hot & huuuumid here. Makes spinning out of doors a bit tricky. I know you have to sometimes but if I owned alpaca I couldn't sell them. I'd want to keep them all! Glad you're spinning something cool from Dude.

  4. Hot here too ... I'm being terribly lazy and just sitting down and playing Mario Kart!

  5. Wow, I can not believe it's fair season already.

    I hope Sister Bear and Sexy Rexy do well.

  6. So lucky to have a pool to spin by! Beautiful work, as always.
    Bet Sexy Rexy and Sister Bear have a great showing at the Fair -good luck!