Wednesday, August 24, 2011

WIP Wednesday - Weaving Bears

Last week I shared that my little bears were weaving while I was away at the Michigan Fiber Festival.  Instead of showing my WIPs which haven't made much progress since I was away, I thought I'd share what they are creating.
Sister Bear is busy with my Cricket Loom, weaving a scarf using a Lion Brand Wool Yarn as her warp and an awful fun fur as the weft.  She is loving it and has already woven a few feet.  She isn't using a pattern; just weaving back and forth.

Brother Bear found that the lap loom requires a wee bit more concentration so he managed to only weave a few rows.  He is using some wool yarn that came with the loom kit when I purchased it.  His real progress was all of the planes and Star Wars ships he has made out of his Legos.

I am just tickled that they wanted to weave when I wasn't around.  I wished that I had more exposure to Fiber Arts growing up...or maybe I did and just didn't show an interest.  Regardless, I am excited to see how their projects turn out.


  1. Clever bears, the FO's are going to be stunning.

  2. You know, that fun fur ain't half bad (at least in your photo). I'll look forward to seeing sister bear's FO.

    And what's the difference between looms that makes brother bear need more concentration?

  3. Denise- The difference between the looms is that Sister Bear is using a Cricket which has a heddle that you can raise and lower. Brother Bear is using a peg loom so he has to bring the stick through every time to manipulate the weave (over under, under over). It's great for eye coordination but he gets frustrated with it. His eye doctor actually suggested that I have him weave that way because he has one eye that is weak and needs to wear an eye patch. I hope that helps.

  4. that is excellent that they wanted to weave, and even more so that it can be a help for your son's vision. i hope they'll keep it up!

    (when i commented this summer that my daughters were doing all kinds of fun things at their camps, but no fiber arts had been included, the older one said, "we don't need to, we do it at home.")

  5. awesome! I am looking for a way to introduce weaving into my curriculum this year. Most kids that I have worked with really like it. I like both of their projects!!!

  6. My mother was into every kind of craft, but when I was little, I was only interested in ceramics. I wish now that she would have prodded me harder to learn to knit, sew, crochet, weave, etc ... I would have so many more fond memories to look back on!

    I love the blue weaving ... can't wait to see it finished! Such talented children!

  7. It is great that they are working on projects even when you are away. The scarf looks like it will be great, even if it is the dreaded fun fur yarn, lots of lovely blues and greens :)