Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I participated in a couple of my favorite swaps on Ravelry this Autumn and was beyond spoiled.  Swaps are a fun way to get to know other fiber artists from other parts of the country and world.  It's NOT just about getting a package full of goodies because the most important part of the swap is spoiling the person who you are "stalking". 

At the beginning of each swap, we are required to fill out a questionnaire about our likes and dislikes.  Throughout the swap, more questions are asked by both the moderators and the spoilers. Because these two swaps are centered around my favorite nerddom of Vampires, a lot of the same people are involved so from sea to shining sea...and across the pond, I have met some wonderful Ravelry friends.  Even better, I have had the opportunity to meet some of these great ladies at fiber festivals.  Of course, anyone that I spoil will always get a bit of the Wonder I create here on my farm whether it be a knitted, woven, felted, handspun good or even roving.
The first swap was the Love Bites Halloween Swap which required a Vampire/Halloween theme.  My spoiler is from Nova Scotia and crafted an adorable project bag for me plus a bunch of adorable goodies.  The prize in the package was the gorgeous Wollmeise yarn and beautiful roving.  She did a great job getting to know what I liked and I love the package she sent me.

The second one was the True Blood Swap which required a theme of anything and everything we love about the HBO Show, True Blood.  I was indeed spoiled. Custom buttons, a custom stein, an adorable flask, a blood drop necklace, beautiful stitch markers and my most favorite of favorites, the Vlad Shawl.  Our group had a KAL which I didn't participate in because me, lace knitting and patience don't mix so I was truly spoiled when I opened this gorgeous shawl.  I've already wore it a few time.  I even have a project in mind for my buttons.  Squeal! 
Even though the swap is over, we are still chatting away.  Many of us are participating in Nerd Wars together too.  I really do enjoy the fun I have through these fiber arts activities and it's obvious, I truly was spoiled.


  1. Cool! I love swaps (what groups did these ones come through? I never spotted a vampire swap in my usual groups!)

    I love the stalking part, so much fun, and seeing what people think I'll like is even better :)

  2. Lovely parcels. Swaps are so much fun :)