Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wine and Wool - I told you so!

Yesterday I had a wonderful day as a vendor at the Wine and Wool Festival at the Sandhill Crane Vineyard.  This was the second year for the event and my second year being a vendor.  It was a perfect day.  I had great sales, stalled next to great vendors and tasted wonderful wine.

I have to admit that I did spend a wee bit of my profits on a couple of goodies.  First was a felted vessel made by the Mid-Michigan Wooly Women out of Llama.  As soon as I passed their booth my eyes were drawn to it and finally they had me bring it to my booth to "try it out".  Obviously, their sales tactic worked and I purchased it.  I am going to take it to work with me and dress up my office space.

On the other side of me was Carla whose fiber arts business is knows as cjkoho.  She has gorgeous colorways in quite a few different fibers but I especially fell in love with Merino/Tencel blends named Henry and Jillian and since I had a successful sales day I rewarded myself with this purchase.  I have already began to spin the delicious fiber.

I really enjoy events like this because you meet so many people.  Sometimes it's a reunion of friendship and acquantences that you haven't seen in ages but mostly it's a chance to meet new people who enjoy fiber arts like you do.  Over a glass of wine or two, we enjoyed a wonderful afternoon together.

Thank you to everyone who came out to the vineyard and supported my farm.  I am always eager to see what my customers create with the roving and yarns that I have made.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Fiber Arts Friday - The cool down

Welcome to Fiber Arts Friday!  This is my favorite blogging day of the week because it's full of amazing fiber artists sharing their adventures.  This week...I am in Tour de Fleece withdrawals.  I thought that I would be ready to take a break from my spinning wheel after a month of intense spinning during every spare minute I had really is my favorite fiber art and I must create yarn magic.  The first two photos are all of my Tour de Fleece 2011 yarns together.  I created a nice array of colors, weights and textures which will be nice for sales in my farm store at upcoming festivals plus I am keeping a couple skeins for my own knitting.  I tried to include the barn and pastures in the photo but the Alpacas decided to be in the back pasture so you can barely seem them.

I finished cleaning off all of my bobbins from the Tour de Fleece to prepare for my next spinning project which is...I don't know yet but I am going to be a vendor at the Wine and Wool Festival at the Sandhill Crane Vineyard in Jackson, Michigan tomorrow and there are a couple of vendors there that I am eager to purchase fiber from.  So...if you are in the greater Jackson area tomorrow, stop by and see the Wonder of Alpaca at my booth, taste some wine and if you are still in the mood for good eats, stop at The Parlour for the best ice cream South East Michigan has to offer.  Seriously, I have been going their since I was a little girl getting the same exact sundae each time...The Peanut Butter Cup --Yum, Yum!  Super Seriously, the Sandhill Crane Vineyard has some great wines too.  I have been visiting them and enjoying their wines for a few years now and I already have been telling you that wine and fiber arts totally go together.

I digress...sometimes I get sidetracked when  think about peanut butter, ice cream and wine (not necessary together).   Ok, back to fiber arts.  During lunch, I have been making headway on my first pair of socks.  Walking on Sunshine may actually get completed before Summer's end.  Yikes.  I only knit a few rows each lunch hour so they have been taking forever but I want to finish them because KellyJ has a new sock pattern coming out and I've had a sneak peak and it's AWESOME!  Seriously, that lady know how to write a sassy pattern. 

I am still weaving my Alpaca and Silk scarf too.  It's taking forever.  Using lace weight yarn for the weft and fingering weight yarn for the warp means that you have to have a whole lotta patience to weave six feet and that is something I struggle with.  I will totally be worth it once it's finished.  Now share your adventures in fiber arts.

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tour de Fleece 2011 - Day 23 The Finale

Today was the last day of the Tour de Fleece 2011.  I kept my spinning pretty light today because it was a super busy day.  I did manage to ply Buddy, whose singles I spun last night.
Overall, during the Tour de Fleece I spun about 3236 yards of 2 ply yarn out of approximately 4lbs of fiber creating about 12 skeins of yarn.  Whew! 

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tour de Fleece - Day 21 and 22

I had big intentions for my spinning yesterday especially since it was the challenge day but...I didn't complete the challenge nor did I attempt it.  After work, I met up with a handful of members of the Team of Wonder so that we could spin together and share your Tour de Fleece yarns.  I was having so much fun visiting that I didn't feel like attempting a new skill so...I worked on filling two bobbins of my Alpaca blends.

I really thought when I started to spin today that I would treat today as my challenge day but...I plyed the yarns the good ol' fashioned way which includes Bears in the pool and me with a sunburn.  I actually cleared off a enough bobbins to create two separate yarns.  I am very pleased with the results and the yarn weights.

I have also found that no matter what I do, I always end up with approximately 200 yards of two ply yarn.  Whether I spin thick or thin or thick-n-thin, it always measures out to that.  I need to seriously start researching projects that require 200 yards or less.  Oh wait!  I already have a bazillion of them queued on my favorite list...I will sell most of the yarns that I created during TdF this year because I just don't have enough hours in the day to knit with all of the yarns I spin.  I will keep a few skeins back for my own use though.  Seriously, look at the photo of me holding all of that yarn.  That is all of the yarn I have spun in the last month on top of working full time, taking care of my farm and family and saving the world...I have serious spinning issue ;-)

I have decided that after the TdF ends tomorrow, I will take a short break from spinning so I can finish weaving my scarf and knitting my Walking on Sunshine socks...there definitely not enough hours in the day to complete all of my fiber art's passions.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Fiber Arts Friday - Tour de Fleece Challenge Day

Yikes!  Just a couple of days left for the 2011 Tour de Fleece. I have met my TdF goal and spun at least 15 minutes or more every day.  The fun doesn't end until Sunday and today I expect yarn greatness to be created.  In the Tour de France, today is the big challenge day where the cyclist brave the steep mountain over the Col du Galibier and finishing up on the Alpe d'Huez so as a spinner, we are supposed to challenge ourselves.

I realized recently that I have never plyed yarn using my drop spindle.  I have always spun singles on the spindle but would ply using my wheel so tonight I am going to see how that goes.  If I am really ambitious, I will attempt the Navajo ply again on my wheel.  I only tried it once and it didn't go so well but I have grown a lot as a spinner since then so why not see how that goes.

A group of us from the Team of Wonder will be meeting in Hastings, Michigan at the Lady Peddler owned by one of our team members, Jill Turner, to enjoy an evening of fun and spinning.  Hastings is about halfway between Grand Rapids and Battle Creek where most of our Michigan team members live so it's the perfect location to gather.  Jill is an amazing spinner and every time I am in her shop I learn something new either how to spin the yarn or what to create with it.

It's been a great Tour de Fleece this year and I have really enjoyed all of the amazing yarn my team members have created using Alpaca.  Hopefully everyone learned a bit more about Alpaca and spinning techniques.  I sure know I did.  Viva Tour de Fleece!

The photo collage I am sharing today is the finished yarn from my Sunshine of Wonder.  I ended up with 360 yards.  The yarn isn't quite as smooth as I had hoped.  I ended up with quite a few "nubbies" in the yarn.  I am not sure why.  It was Suri Alpaca that I processed myself from a cria fleece which I blended with Silk. I used My Precious to create the batt and blend the fibers.  It's a beautiful yarn and whatever I knit out of it will need to let the texture enhance the design.  I do hope as I process more Suri on my own that I will get a smoother yarn. Maybe it's my spinning technique and not the processing so I will need to create more Suri Alpaca batts to practice with. Fortunately I have lots of fiber growing on the farm as I type.  Now...share your adventures in Fiber Arts!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

WIP Wednesday - Sunshine Takes The Lead

The heat is on...literally, and I've lost count on how many times we have all run out to the barn to either fill up the water buckets, spray the herd down with the sprinkler or check the fans.  Thankful for air conditioning in the house, I am keeping cool by spinning yarn for the Tour de Fleece.

I decided on Day 17, the day of rest, to card up some of Sunshine of Wonder's cria fleece.  I added a bit of dyed silk and a wee bit of BFL, also dyed, to accent her gorgeous Rose Gray color.  I am spinning it very thin and loving how the bobbins look.  I have no clue what the final weight of the yarn will be until I finish because I am not putting too much twist into the singles which means I will have a bit more "bloom" once the plyed yarn is off the bobbins.

Over the next couple of days I will complete the second bobbin and hopefully shared the finished yarn on Friday.  Today's mission is to keep the barn as cool as I can so that the Alpacas don't get over-heated.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Imagine that...more Tour de Fleece Spinning

I recently had a funny conversation with a doctor who loves to bicycle for exercise where we were discussing the Tour de France. Quite often he will spin at the gym on stationary bikes or go for long rides on his road bike.  I had a bit of fun with him and talked about all of the hours I've been logging on my spinning lately and he was really impressed...then he realized that I wasn't talking about the bicycle kind of spinning and a super quizzical look crossed his face.  Of course, I had my drop spindle handy and I showed him some of my work. 

Yeah, I'm not logging in the cardio exercise but the pure enjoyment and stress reduction that spinning yarn gives me is far more healthier than riding a bike plus I have barn duties on a daily basis that give me a nice workout.  Anyways...I thought that was a funny story. 

Over the last few days I have been busy creating Alpaca magic with my son's drop spindle called Starry Night (long story why I switched over to his spindle) and Frodo, my spinning wheel.  I love the weekend because I get more time in with my family, farm and fiber arts.  I am really pleased with the yarns I have been producing this year.  I am finally starting to gain control over the weight of my singles and the consistency of my plying. 
The hardest part about all of the lovely yarns I am creating during the Tour de Fleece is figuring out which one's I will keep for myself and which one's I will sell. Today was the day of rest for the tour...and I rested.  Tomorrow I will begin spinning some Suri Alpaca donated by my Sunshine of Wonder mixed with a bit of silk.  It sure is hard to take a break when you have such beauty waiting to be spun.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Fiber Arts Friday - Tour de Fleece Mystery

Welcome to Week Two of the Tour de Fleece Fiber Arts Friday fun.  Over the last week I have spun on my drop spindle and spun on my wheel at home, at work and even at the 4H county fair. First I am going to share with you the yarn that I have been working on throughout the Tour de Fleece this year.  My goal was 600 yards of DK weight from Midnight Magic's Mystery.  I actually thought it would be fingering weight as I was spinning it but after it came off the bobbins, I decided DK.  I actually wanted DK so that is perfect except that I only have 480 yards so I will need to card up a couple more batts so I can reach my goal.  When I weighed the yarn it showed 10oz so this project will be on the heavier side but totally beautiful. So I need to finish spinning the final yardage then I will be shipping it off for a super secret mission.  Oops!  I said too much.

I plyed this in the late evening hours of Day 11.  I wouldn't go to sleep until it was completely plied although I did wait until morning to put it on my niddy noddy.  I love the Natural Black with the flecks of deep purplish red.
Day 12 had me spinning during my lunch hour at work on my drop spindle and also demonstrating how to use the drop spindle at the 4H County Fair.  Spinning was pure beauty and I enjoyed every second of it but when I went to transfer the yarn from my drop spindle to a bobbin I ran into a major problem and a big ol' mess appeared so it is off the spindle and in a time out.  I don't have patience and fixing this tangled mess will require patience.  ARGH!

On Thursday, Day 13, I spent the day at the 4H County Fair again watching Sister Bear rock the show ring.  It was her first time ever in a show ring and I was so proud of her.  Overall she took Third Place in Showmanship, Third Place in Obstacle and Fourth Place in Performance.  I was proud of her and Sexy Rexy for working together and keeping their cool. 

After she finished in the show ring, we spent the afternoon in the barn taking care of chores and talking Alpaca to visitors.  I was able to spin and demonstrate what we do with the gorgeous fiber these animals produce by creating these two bobbins.  It always amazes me to realize how many people have never seen anyone spin before so I was happy to demonstrate and explain my favorite fiber art.  I started with a deep brown Suri Alpaca roving then decided to switch over to Orange.  I had so many visitors asking if I dyed the fiber so I switched it up with color. I am curious how this yarn will turn out and what will be knitted with it.  Now...share your adventures in Fiber Arts.  You know I will be busy spinning my way through the Tour de Fleece 2011.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tour de Fleece - Day 11

It was the best of times, it was...the best of times!  Did you think I'd say the worst?  Charles Dickens doesn't have anything on the creative awesome I've been spinning lately.  Will it hold up for a couple of hundred years like his books?  Well, if you take care of the knitted garment created from my yarn, just maybe.

I spun two bobbins from Alpaca batts I created using fleece donated by Dude.  I wasn't sure what kind of yarn I wanted when I was spinning so I just spun aimlessly figuring it would come to me when I plyed.  At first I decided that I would create more beehives in the yarn because the yarn I made the other day was so nice but after about 20 yards I decided I wasn't feeling that technique so I decided to get some Merino and spin it into the yarn.  Instantly I was loving the blue that popped out of the gray.   I continued this technique until I got to the last 20 yards or so then I finished the yarn in the beehives.  I have about 120 yards and the yarn is totally screaming hat!  Especially if I felt the hat slightly once knitted.

Dude is a truly unique Alpaca and I am going to miss him when he leaves the farm at the end of this month.  I think I will spin a bit more out of him while he is still here grazing in my pastures.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tour de Fleece 2011 - Day 8 & 9

Yikes!  It's hot out there!  The last two days worth of spinning have been spent poolside because it's so beautiful out yet insanely hot.  Saturday I filled two bobbins with about 5oz of Huacaya donated by Dude.  This will be the last year that I spin Dude because I sold him last month and he will be heading to his new home soon.  I wanted to create a fun yarn out of him and so I add some pizazz to the process when I ply the two singles.

Today was a super busy day because we spent most of it at the fairgrounds.  The Eaton County Fair starts tomorrow so we were getting our booth set up.  Sister Bear is showing our very own Sexy Rexy of Wonder this week will be driving all over the countryside getting her to and from the the fairgrounds plus taking care of our own work and farm.  Thank goodness tomorrow is our TdF day of rest.

So...once we got home from the fairgrounds, we jumped in the pool.  Grumpy and Brother Bear took care of barn chores so we were able to relax in the pool and cool down.  I decided to give the Pygora that I was spinning on my drop spindle a break and turned to my Confetti Reign.  I love spinning 100% Suri Alpaca on the drop spindle and she is one of my favorite girls in the world. 

Now I have to remind myself that tomorrow is the day of rest so...maybe I'll get some knitting done ;-)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tour de Fleece - Day 7 Firework Alert!

The 4th of July is over and so are the fireworks in the sky but our new kitten, Firework, is starting to get used to her new home and is now starting to comb the pastures for bugs to attack. Before long those bugs will become mice and chipmunks.  She has been an instant hit with the Bears and Friend is starting to adjust to having a new barn mate. 

We have watched Friend let Firework attack him and sometimes he play attacks her.  It is amazing to watch how he is watching out for his new friend.  Of course, we have made sure to give him his usual love but that cute little kitten with her kitty purrs and meows are just too hard to resist.

Friend and Firework were also very entertaining as members of the Team of Wonder gathered by my swimming pool to enjoy a Friday evening of spinning.  It was a short notice gathering so only a few of us made it but it was a fun evening of spinning, laughter, wine and cats.

I'm back to working on more yarn for my Midnight Magic Mystery project so a lot of Black Huacaya with  reddish flecks will be appearing in my yarn photos.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Fiber Arts Friday - Tour de Fleece Week One

Welcome to Fiber Arts Friday, the Tour de Fleece edition!  Each week fiber arts gather here to share their adventures and this week kicked off the beginning of Tour de Fleece.  I am leading the Team of Wonder - The Alpaca Fiber Lovin' Team on a fun filled adventure of sharing with the world the Wonder of Alpaca Fiber and so far this week, our team has succeeded.  From all over the United States and Canada to the UK and Australia, our team has shared many combined pounds of Alpaca fiber that has already been turned into gorgeous yarn.

For the last few days, I have been finishing up spinning from my Alpaca Batts of Wonder that I created last week.  SpinSanity of Wonder was the Alpaca whose fleece was the base for the amazing pink batts.  I found myself waking up super early each morning so that I could spin an ounce or two before I headed to work and in the evening after my darling Bears went to bed I would try to get another few ounces in. 

Thursday morning found me super frustrated because I just couldn't finish plying the first skein of yarn before I had to leave for work.  For over eight hours I obsessed about that yarn envisioning the wonderful twist it would take.  To pacify my spinning urge, I took my drop spindle to work.  Instead of spinning Alpaca, I spun my next favorite fiber, Pygora.  This year, my Tour de Fleece goal is to work on control so having some time with my drop spindle is good.  I want to keep those singles the same weight all the way through to have a more consistent yarn...especially when spinning a finer yarn.  I plan on using my drop spindle more on today's lunch too.

When I arrived home from work I finished plying that skein before eating dinner or taking care of barn chores. I ended up with 246 yards of 2ply DK Weight yarn out of 6oz of fiber.  After the Bears went to sleep I managed to ply a bit more of that yarn with some yarn I spun prior to the Tour de Fleece out of my June Bug.  I decided to create some bee hives in the yarn.  With just over 200 yards using 4.75 oz of fiber  there are quite a few projects this textured yarn could make.

My goal for the weekend is to finish carding up more of the Black Huacaya donated by my Midnight Magic's Mystery so I can get enough bobbins filled to create a nice DK Weight yarn measuring about 700 yards for a super secret swap project...ooops!  I said to much already ;-)  On the knitting and weaving front, everything has been stalled so that I can put all of my fiber arts energy into the Tour de Fleece. Now, share your adventures in fiber arts.  As usual, thank you to everyone who links in and comments.  It is so much fun reading all of your adventures.
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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tour de Fleece 2011 - Day 4

Day 4 of the Tour de Fleece found me at work.  Fortunately I am an early riser and I was able to get some spinning in before the family woke up.  All in all, I completed about 2oz of spinning from an Alpaca Batt of Wonder that I created using fiber from SpinSanity as the base.  At the rate I am going, this should end up being a nice fingering weight yarn since I will ply it with it's sister bobbin that I will spin tomorrow.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Tour de Fleece 2011 - Day 3

Today I plied my Huacaya with Suri that I spun yesterday.  One skein was 262 yards 7.5oz two-ply and one skein was 40 yards 2.25oz  two-ply of which, one ply was raw locks.  The Alpacas that donated their fleece to this yarn were SpinSanity, the Huacaya and Pedro, the Suri.  Both Alpacas are fawn. Oh, I ended up staying up late last night to spin the Suri so it was all yarn that I spun on Day 2. Yes, I took full advantage of a lazy family day by the pool because tomorrow I'm back to work and won't have all of the spinning time I desire.

I am finding that I am having a harder time keeping a consistent spinning weight when I spin from batts as opposed to roving.  Something for me to work on and improve.  My goal during the Tour de Fleece is to work on spin control.  It's amazing how you can lose focus on the weight you are spinning when you are talking...and we all know I like to talk.

For my plying amusement, I decided that Frodo (my wheel) and I would watch the Fellowship of the Rings.  It's actually amazing how productive I can be while watching the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

The second skein of yarn I created was an experiment.  I still don't know if it's considered art yarn but it's definitely different.  I used the 100% Suri as the base then lightly teased the Huacaya locks to ply with the Suri using a core spinning technique (which I am still working on).  I purposely left the some of the locks loose while other bound tighter.  Now I know you are wondering what on earth you could knit or crochet with a yarn like this but a dear friend of mine has actually requested that I make yarn like this for special projects she creates which she calls Buttfreckles.  I kids you not!   I thought I had a photo of one she made out of my yarn but can't seem to find it...hopefully I can share it in the future.

Now...who knows what tomorrow will bring for TdF11 but I sure enjoyed the first three days of spinning.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tour de Fleece 2011 -

I love the beginning of the Tour de Fleece!  Why?  Well, it falls on a holiday weekend so I get an extra day to enjoy my favorite fiber arts passion, it's usually hot so my family spends it by the pool which happens to be surrounded by Alpaca pastures and it brings together tons of people who also enjoy the wonder of spinning yarn together.

I started the Tour de Fleece off  this year by spinning from my herdsire, Midnight Magic's Mystery.  I am far from completing the yarn for this project but I ran out of him so...I have more of his fleece drying so I can create more.  So far I have 5oz of Mystery spun.  My goal is to have a light fingering weight yarn and if I get enough yardage...I hope to have a special shawl created out of him.

Day Two found me spinning on one of my fiber boys, SpinSanity of Wonder.  I could almost spin his fleece straight from the locks, he is so fine but...I have run him through the drum carder a couple of times.  I am planning on plying him with Suri that I will be spinning tomorrow. I got about 6oz done.  Since tomorrow is my last day of the holiday weekend, I hope to get lots accomplished before I go back to work.

So far the discussion amongst the Team of Wonder has been a lot of fun and lots of bobbins are being filled with Alpaca.  I am enjoying all of the fun fiber talk.  More importantly, I am enjoying the time I get to spend with my family, my Alpacas and my spinning wheel this weekend.  It has been the perfect long weekend.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Fiber Arts Friday - Tour de Fleece 2011

Welcome to Fiber Arts Friday!  Can you believe that the Tour de Fleece 2011 starts tomorrow?  Wait!  You don't know what the Tour de Fleece is...well, let me tell you that I am all about this fun excuse to sit at my spinning wheel for hours on end each July.  Each year while athletes compete in the Tour de France, members of Ravelry who love to spin or just learning to spin have our own friendly "competition".  We have teams from all over the world who are sharing their spinning accomplishments with each other on message boards, blogs and Flickr.

This is the second year that the Team of Wonder has come together to share the love of Alpaca with spinners.  We have 46 members on our team from various continents and spread throughout the United States.  Many are Alpaca breeders and many simply adore the fiber while many are using the Tour de Fleece to understand Alpaca more.  Some members will be spinning Suri Alpaca while others will spin only Huacaya Alpaca.  Some will spin blends of Alpaca with various kinds of wool while others may spin only wool (I told them I wouldn't kick them out as long as they spun Alpaca at least one day).

Throughout the Tour de Fleece, our team will share our hits and misses, techniques and understanding of the glorious fiber that comes from Alpacas.  The neat thing is that no way is wrong.  While some only want to work with 100% Alpaca yarn, others have found that blends (no matter the type --Alpaca blend or Alpaca/Wool) have a better use for their intended end product.  It will be a fun way to learn together.

I have been busy creating Alpaca Batts of Wonder.  Some are 100% Alpaca while many others are blends.  Some are dyed while others are using the natural color of the Alpaca.  I hope to have some of these listed on my Etsy Shop of Wonder this weekend while others I will be selling at fiber festivals this summer but many will be for my own pleasure.  Hey, I can always sell the yarn although some of the fiber I hope to spin for some future knitting projects that I already have patterns for.

Finally, I want to share our sweet Arwen of Wonder who was born last Sunday.  She is amazing...and as you can see from the photos, very curious.  She is the finest Huacaya that I have ever had my hands on and I'm curious to see what her fleece will become as she grows older.  Now...share your adventures in Fiber Arts!

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