Friday, February 3, 2012

Fiber Arts Friday - What on Earth? Middle Earth

Welcome to Fiber Arts Friday!  How have you spent your Fiber Arts Week?  Me?  Knitting, Spinning and Dyeing were part of the fun and weaving will wrap it up.  On Wednesday, Tournament 4 began for Nerd Wars.  I didn't stay up until Midnight to see what the challenges would be because I was deep in my beauty sleep.  I was, however, up at five in the morning to get ready to work and enjoy reading through all of the challenges. 

Challenge (Intellectual): MEMORIA TECHNICA
Challenge: Craft something inspired by a mnemonic or memory tool.

Challenge (Scientific): ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL

Your challenge this month is to copy the simplicity of nature and craft an item inspired by the simplicity of unicellular organisms by:
Option 1: Crafting a project made in one piece. (Examples: scarves, hats, dishcloths, granny squares…)
Option 2: Crafting a project from only one skein of yarn.
Option 3: Spinning a skein of singles.

Challenge (Technical): WHAT’S YOUR SPECIALTY?

Your challenge this month is to craft an item using a technique that you feel is one of your strengths. Do you love lace? Have you conquered cables? Are you a garter stitch champ? Are you the fastest n-plyer in the west? Are amigurimi your pride and joy? This is your opportunity to show us your mad skillz! (For the purposes of this challenge, a technique is a method within a particular craft. For instance, knitting is a craft, but knitting garter stitch or stockinette stitch is a technique.)


Your challenge for this month is to create something inspired by technology and human (or non-human, I suppose) ingenuity. Anything designed to make your (or a character’s) life better will be considered, from siege engines to pocket watches to moisture vaporators, and everything in between.

Challenge (Geek Pride): WOVE. TWUE WOVE.

his month’s challenge is to craft an item that symbolizes a past, present, or possible relationship within your nerddom. Whether that relationship is established as canon (Miss Piggy+Kermit), suggested by fans (Castle+Beckett), or merely a character that you love and would happily marry is up to you. Since relationships can get pretty complex, for the purpose of this challenge the word “love” is encompassed in all its forms: from strictly friendly, sisterly/brotherly, crush flirtatious, passing/one-night, passionate, abiding, long-term, all the way up to and including the ever allusive “Twue Wove”.

Challenge (Giving Geeks): HATS OFF TO GIVING!

This month we’re challenging you to help get hats into the hands of people who can really appreciate them, whether for their aesthetic or utilitarian qualities… or both! Chemo caps, preemie hats, headgear for the homeless, and helmet liners for military troops all qualify as do donations of time, money, or supplies to charities that supply these head protectors to the people who need them most.

I had written up my dissertation for the Tuck Shawl I will be knitting.  This will be a project that will take the full three months of the tournament.  Here is what I submitted...before I submit the final shawl, I will tweak the write up and make it better but this should suffice with the powers to be.
Name WonderWhyGal
Team Team Precious
Craft Knitting
Summary and Pattern A knitted Shawl written by Sharon Dreifuss of She-Knits called Tuck
Yarn 2 skeins of Sunshine of Wonder by Wonder Why Alpaca Farm, LLC 220 yds each Suri Alpaca and Merino and 1 skein Happy Fuzzy Yarn 330 yrds Superwash Merino
T4 Dissertation
image title
Category and Team Spirit Tie In
Geek Pride
In the Hobbit, Smaug the dragon makes an important appearance. This pattern has lace on the out edges and cables through the body. As seen in this photo of Smaug, you can see the lacelike webbing in Smaugs’s wings.
I am SMAUG! I kill when I wish! I am strong, strong, STRONG! My armor is like tenfold shields! My teeth like swords! My claws, spears! The shock of my tail, a thunderbolt! My wings, a hurricane! And my breath, death! --The Hobbit
image title
Time Justification
This will be an Epic project for me using my new skills with cable knitting PLUS lace which really freaks me out. There are a bunch of techniques that I have not used before which means that I need to take my time, not talk and be super duper careful.


I am also working on a handspun submission (hmmm, me spin?) for one of the challenges.  I haven't figured out which category it will go in but I have been meaning to spin this Polyworth dyed by Briar Rose for ages.  I am actually going to leave it 100% wool too.  Yes, no Alpaca added.

I have decided not to kill myself completing every challenge is round this tournament especially since I am working on a dissertation project.  My hands will be full but they will also be productive and that is the beauty of Nerd Wars.  So many amazing projects are created while enjoying my favorite nerddom with kindred spirits.  Now...share your adventures in Fiber Arts.

Fiber Arts Friday ! 
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  1. I've been enjoying planning my nerd wars projects, although I think a dissertation is a bit beyond me at this point! Looking forward to seeing your progress, such a gorgeous colour :)

  2. Wow, I think my head would explode if I had to think that hard about what I was doing, LOL This is fantastic Andrea! You've invested so much in this project, I know you must be very proud of your accomplishment. Way to go! Your spinning is looking very pretty, I love that shiny blue.

  3. Andrea--I love your energy and creativity!!!
    Getting deeply involved in an intense pursuit like this is like returning to the best parts of one's wonderful!! XXO-

  4. P.S. Watch Smash if you haven't yet (online).
    It features some amazing hand-knit wearables!!
    (Debra Messing is a knitter and is allergic to wool! I think it's time for you to send her a skein of Alpaca hand-spun!!)

  5. I'm with AllyB on the whole head exploding thing!
    Your level of commitment and creativity is just awe-inspiring.
    And Happy Fuzzy Yarn would make anyone happy to work with it.

    Yes, you have to watch "Smash." Debra's scarves were gorgeous. I actually watched it twice to notice the knitwear, geek that I am.

  6. One of these days I really need to join in on this Nerd Wars Fun!! Can't wait to see your FO!

  7. I wish I had 1/5 of the energy you've got this week! Best of luck on all your projects for Nerd Wars

  8. Holy Cow, these Nerd War Challenges are really amazing! I'm excited to see your shawl, it'll be awesome!

  9. I'm excited to see this shawl take shape.

    BTW, I'm curious about Smash now. :-)

  10. I'm so excited to see how this sweater shapes up. The cabling will a breeze for you ... but the lace. Ah, the lace. :)

    I love the color of that Polworth - will look forward to seeing it all plied.

  11. Oh my gosh!!.....I saw the swatch. What a challenge you've given yourself...looking forward to hearing more as time goes by.

  12. An exciting adventure awaits! I love the challenge of new-to-me knitting techniques.

  13. Always a delight to be here, cheers Marie

  14. Thanks for giving the opportunity to share, love your blog.


  15. Cable and lace work really well together, I'm sure you will be fine! Have a good weekend!

  16. The yarn colors are gorgeous. Have a fun time with your challenges!


  17. Your yarn is beautiful and thanks so much for your fun linky party and especially your nice comments!

  18. Sounds like a fun list of challenges. And beautiful yarn on the bobbins, gorgeous colours