Monday, February 20, 2012

Nerd Wars T4R1 - Scientific Challenge

Ah, the Scientific Challenge
Life, like everything in the universe, can be very complex. It can also be very, very simple.
One cell is already enough to make a simple living organism. These creatures are called unicellular organisms. Examples are bacteria, amoebas and some species of algae.
Your challenge this month is to copy the simplicity of nature and craft an item inspired by the simplicity of unicellular organisms by:
Option 1: Crafting a project made in one piece. (Examples: scarves, hats, dishcloths, granny squares…)

Rav Handle: wonderwhygal
Team: Team Precious
Photo of Completed Project:
Nerdwars TeamPrecious T4R1 Scientific.jpg
What Craft was used? Weaving

How your project meets the challenge: For this challenge, I created a woven cowl that is in one connected piece, not by sewing but as one complete piece that was woven together. I used plain weaving technique on my Cricket Loom. I warped on various yarns of different textures to create a striped pattern then when I wove the fabric, I used a rust colored yarn as my base weft. Every eight inches I would use a different color from the warp in the weft to create blocks of colors which would allow the striping of the warp to really show through. In the final end of this project, you can see where my warp is then woven on itself which creates the singular piece of fabric. This creates a nice striping effect which really pops the color and design. I used a variety of millspun and handspun yarns in my stash. This is primarily Alpaca and Wool.

For my team tie in, I used autumn colors that are inspired by the forest behind my farm. Unfortunately my woods aren’t in Middle Earth but when walking through the trees, you can be reminded of Forests of Lothl√≥rien. In the Lord of the Rings, Fellowship of the Ring the fellowship stay with the Elves of Lothl√≥rien. There Galadriel, the Lady of the Woods, gave the Fellowship each an Elven cloak which helped hide them from unfriendly eyes. The cloaks were personally woven by Galadriel and her maidens. I liken myself more to being a Hobbit than an Elf BUT I did personally weave this cowl with the intention of attracting friendly eyes.

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