Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Nerd Wars T4R2 - Technical Challenge

March was an amazing month for projects.  I completed all six of six challenges for Nerd Wars including one charity project and items I could wear.  This project, a woven cuff, appears to now belong to Sister Bear.  Of course her wrists aren't as big as mine so she has been wearing it on her arm. Gotta love that bear!

Challenge (Technical): THE SCRAP HEAP
It’s an inevitability in crafting. You buy a beautiful skein of yarn or braid of fiber, and after working it up, you have a sad little pile of material you didn’t use. You’re not sure how to use it, so you add it to your stash/destash it/throw it away/leave it lying in a pile on the couch (that’s what I do all too often, anyway). So what do you do with all those scraps? The partial skeins, the unplied singles that were not-quite-evenly divided; sometimes it takes a different approach to figure out how to work with them.
Your challenge this month is to craft something using scraps and leftovers. If needed to complete your project, you may supplement your scraps with non-scrap yarn. You can use scraps from a single project on their own to create something fun, or combine the scraps from multiple projects for the ultimate scrappy project. Or, if you are the kind of crafter that doesn’t have any scraps lying around (you are neater than I, and I salute you), you have the option of stashbusting to fulfill this challenge.

Rav Handle: wonderwhygal
Team: Team Precious
A photo of the completed project
Nerdwars TeamPrecious T4R2 Technical.jpg
What craft was used? (Knitting, Crochet, Spinning, Weaving)
A written description of how your project answers the challenge
I created a handwoven cuff bracelet using my Cricket loom. Here is my before photo of all the leftover yarn from various weaving projects. As I am learning to weaving, I am also learning to not have as much waste but in the meantime, I am keeping the leftover yarn for projects like this.
I used basic weaving for this project switching between colors to create stripes. At the last two inches of this 2 ½ inch by 10 inch bracelet, I used the finger weaving technique called Leno lace which worked perfectly for button holes while providing a nice visual for the holes that may not be used. I am still working on this technique and have more practice to go but I am pleased with the efforts of learning this skill.
Team Tie In:
One of the characters in the Lord of the Rings, Legolas, wears wrist cuffs. I’m not sure if they improve his arrow aim or if they are simply his way of staying fashionable in Middle Earth but he wears them none-the-less so I created my own version of the wrist cuff. Since I don’t use a bow, I made mine colorful to match the Spring flowers I will be picking from my garden.


  1. Very pretty :)

    I managed 6/6 projects this month too, very exciting!

  2. Archers wear a cuff on their bow arm to protect it from the string. I took an archery class in high school and we had to wear a leather cuff on our arms. We also had to wear this leather thing on our fingers that we pulled back with.

    Love your cuffs! Much more fashionable than the ones Legolas wore. But I don't think it would matter what he wore . . . he would still be HOT! LOL!

  3. This is awesome!! Very lovely. :)

    I have SERIOUSLY got to sign up for the next round of Nerd Wars. It looks like so much fun!