Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dear Dad, Got your goat!

Happy Father's Day!
This year we gave Grumpy was he has wanted since before we got our Alpacas...goats! 

He would have been happy with the goats just a few years ago but I wanted Alpacas...and that was his fault because he asked the one question that changed our whole life here on the farm.  Oh, not, "Will you marry me?"  because that had already happened.  The question that changed our whole life, "Do you want to take the kids to a local Alpaca farm for a visit?"  Yup, from that sentence on I became obsessed with the most beautiful creatures on earth, the Alpaca. 

So here we are almost five years later with the farm animal he wanted most of all...the goats.  I have to admit, they are darn cute.  Yeah, that aren't going to produce fiber for me to spin but they are producing milk for me to drink.  Seriously, these goats we have are the cutest most friendly goats.

We have three Nigerian Dwarf Goats.  We had to change our pastures and barn around a bit to accommodate them.  I can tell our male Alpacas aren't happy.  I think in the end our barn set up will be a lot better though.

We only have one female milking right now, her name is Willow. Don't you just love her pattern.  When we visited the farm we purchased these girls from, Grumpy fell in love with the tri-color whereas I focused on the black and white females.  (Geez, looking at my Alpaca herd you can't imagine why I would focus on those colors, eh?)


Loki, short for Melaleuca ( I renamed her after the awesome villain of Thor because it's way easier to say and Loki is super awesome!) is over-conditioned (fat) right now so she needs to lose some weight.  She weighs 71 lbs compared to Willow who weighs 57 lbs.  She had complication with pregnancy so she will be a delightful companion to our girls.  I love her black and white coloring.

Scarlett  is not producing milk right now because she didn't settle this last Winter.  She is also over-conditioned so we need to get her to a better weight before she is ready to breed this Winter. Right now she weighs 84lbs.  Yup, we will have kids on the farm next Summer.  


All three of the girls are 1-3 years old.  They are all very friendly and our kids have already fallen in love with them.  They create a lot of noise which changes up the quiet hum that the Alpacas create.  Life here on the farm is changing.  Goats and Geese being added this year.  Sister Bear thinks we should rename the farm and not call it the Wonder Why Alpaca Farm.  I laughed and said that we are just finding more Wonder in the farm life and I'm sure we'll keep people guessing and Wondering Why.

Happy Father's Day, dear Grumpy.  I love you and hope that you enjoying these beautiful new additions to our farm.  You finally got your goats!


  1. My wife, she makes me look so good, she got my second chin, check, wearing my do anything in shirt, check, great posture, check, hole in right knee of jeans which thank god didn't make it into the picture how embarrassing would that be?, check, hands on an animals nether regions, check, 1 pint of goat's milk, Priceless. Yesterday was very animated and stressful. First of all, milking a goat for the first time is like putting in contact lenses for the first time. What I have to touch my eye, are you crazy, all our lives we are told don't get anything near your eyes, now I have chosen to purposely put something in my eye? I know I have to do it, but what's the best way to do it? I know the structure on the inside of the utter and teat, I watched about 5 YouTube videos of it being done, looks easy, but to position you own hand and and get the correct action and position was very frustrating at least for me it was. I got the basics of it mastered now. So no more freaking out that the goat is going to die of over engorgement. Mr. Grumy, I am too lazy to creak a Google account just so I can have a cool avatar and name like all the wonderful people who actually read my wife's blog. So I post Anonymously.

  2. :) I can relate to this post! We love our 3 goat babies! I specifically got the Nigoras because they are dual purpose- milk and fiber. I love your barn! I so wish we could have a closed in barn, but I do believe the weather here in Florida would make it very unsafe for the alpacas. They seem to love the open barn and so far have stayed dry during some pretty rough rain storms.

    Congrats to your family on the new goats, they make us smile every single day,

  3. the comment from Mr. Grumpy Amonymous!
    And...I Wonder Why am am procrastinating so much getting goats and alpacas myself???

  4. Oh, you got grown-up goats. I bet that fresh milk tasted so good this morning. :-)

    Happy Father's Day Grumpy!

  5. What a lovely gift for Dad! He truly looks content milking that cute little goat!

  6. Goats! How cool are they!?! So cute!

  7. ROFLMAO - Mr. Grumpy's stream-of-consciousness comment at the beginning is what's priceless!!!!! Trust me, you will no longer be anonymous. :)

    Enjoy your cuter-than-cute goats, and make some cheese with that milk. Yummy.

  8. Jealous! I tried talking Mr. Kwak into goats when we lived on 20 acres of mountainside in Virginia. Let them mow the lawn! But these guys are so darn cute, and I am so jealous. Hope I can meet them some day. Congratulations on your growing farm!

  9. Such a great present, they are lovely little goats