Sunday, July 1, 2012

Tour de Fleece 2012 - Day 2

Day Two of the Tour de Fleece!

I still haven't bothered to watch any of the Tour de France although I've caught glimpses of the pre-game qualifications for the Olympics.

Today I was able to get a lot more spinning in.  No one was injured and everyone was happy.  I spent part of the morning spinning inside on Frodo, my Lendrum spinning wheel.  One bobbin of thick and thin Alpaca blend leftover bits from my Avengers batts.  The second bobbin is a mixture of Merino and Blue Faced Leicester using coordinating colors.  I plan to add in some dyed locks for a textured yarn.

I also worked on my Turkish spindle some more by the pool.  I am really starting to get the rhythm of this spindle and I love it.  Of course, I am spinning a lot thinner so it is slow going.  I am just going to keep adding to the spindle and see where it takes me .  I really should start weighing it daily to get an idea of what progress I've made.

While outside with the kids, we got a cloud burst of rain that lasted about 5 minutes.  Five Minutes of happiness.  I was Singing in the Rain!  Not enough rain to do anything other than bring home that my pastures won't burst into flame.  They are so dry that the Alpacas don't even want to go out to graze.  Seriously, they prefer the end of last year's hay to the fresh fried pasture I have to offer them.

While outside we also got to see the Thunderbirds fly overhead.  Each year they come to Battle Creek for the Air Show, it's typically their only Michigan visit.  Even though I live about seven miles from the airport, I always get a great view of them from our pool.

I have to work tomorrow but my goal is to get up early and ply my Avengers Art Yarn.


  1. Very happy to hear that no one was injured today. ;-)

    I hope Grumpy is starting to feel better.

  2. Everything looks wonderful! Sounds like a nice weekend all around.

  3. Bears look happy, Grumpy is on the mend, and your fiber coordinates with the color of the pool. Only the alpacas seem to have the short end of the stick. :) Will look forward to seeing how the locks look in that spin.

  4. I love that blue. It almost looks Tardis blue. You're not spinning it up for the shawl are you?

  5. I'm thinking two things as I read this post, one, oh how much do I miss having a pool for late night swims and rain shower fun!
    My parents had a pool at the house we lived in when I was in my late teens. We spent many hours hanging around that pool, swimming, dreaming, reading and just enjoying each other's company. What a delight to have access to refreshing swims at any time!
    My other thought is for the Blue Angels. They were in town for Navy week over the Fourth of July. I watched the airshow from the Navy Yard here in Charlestown and got chills with each flyover. They are like fireworks, so beautifully amazing and so ephemeral.
    Stay cool and keep posting each day if you can, I love seeing what you all are up to!