Friday, August 10, 2012

Fiber Arts Friday - Baby Dressage and Sock Put

 Welcome to Fiber Arts Friday!  The first week of the Olympics is coming to a close and I have yet to see more than a few minutes of Track and Field.  NBC's coverage of the Olympics is awful.  Yes, I'm bellyaching about the Olympics because that's the reality of it all.  Thank goodness for Ravelennics where, at least, Fiber Artists are showing off their sassy projects throughout the day for everyone to see.

This week I completed my first project.  I made a Minnie Mouse Hat with a knitted bow (inspired by the randomknits2 blog) for the Baby Dressage and Hat Dash events.  I didn't even realize that I could enter my hat in two different categories.  Bonus!  I am gifting this to a co-worker today for her Baby Shower.  She is having her first child and is an even bigger Disney fan than I am.

I knit this out of 100% Cotton.  It was my first time knitting with cotton for a whole project.  Boy, oh boy, it was totally different than my beloved Alpaca. I felt like I was fighting it the whole time.  I wonder if I should have used bigger needles but glad that I used what I did so it would keep its shape.

I also cast on the second sock for my Walking on Sunshine socks.  As always, the ribbing is going slow.  Once I hit the actual pattern, it should speed up.  I vow that I will not cast on another pair of socks for awhile.  I'm starting to get knitters arm.  Seriously, I am having major pain from being tense while knitting.  Too much tiny needles all at once...totally worth it though.

Finally, I am getting ready for the Michigan Fiber Festival.  I leave Tuesday night for the fairgrounds.  I'll be camping there all week.  I am taking two weaving classes then selling all weekend.  I do love that festival! So, another busy week down and another one to go.  Maybe somewhere in it all I'll get to see more than a glimpse of Track and Field.  Share your adventures in Fiber Arts!  Thank you for visiting my blog!
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  1. Hat looks fantastic. Hope the fiber festival goes well!

  2. What an adorable hat, I love anything Minnie mouse. I'm sure your co-worker will love the gift. Bonus points, since she's a Disney fan too!

    The festival sounds lovely, I hope you have a wonderful time, and receive plenty of sales. :)

  3. Good luck with your second sock, that first one looks great. This is the cutest little hat Andrea! You picked the perfect color for the bow and band. I know what you mean about knitting with cotton, bleh. Kitchen cotton almost kills my hands and I need some new dishcloths. I guess I'll just have to suck it up and get it done. Have a great weekend. Aren't you loving this rain?

  4. Congratulations on the hat dash medal, it is a very cute baby gift. Hope the show goes ok.

  5. Enjoy your classes and I hope you'll have a very successful weekend at the Festival!! I told Dawn to look for you when she's there on Friday. XXO

  6. Such a fun hat. I'd have loved this as a little girl :)
    Good luck at the fiber festival. Look forward to hearing about it on return.

  7. Love that Minnie Mouse Hat, so cute! Good luck with the fibre festival, would love to hear about the weaving classes!

  8. Minnie and Mickey were big in our house, when my daughter was a wee one. She would have LOVED that hat.
    Somehow, I find knitting with cotton comforting and when I get stuck with a project, I often make a quick washcloth with cotton, just to keep me knitting.
    I do get it how it would be a bit of an adjustment for you, though.
    Have a great Fiber Festival!

  9. Ugh, I think cotton is tough to knit with. Definitely not my favorite.

    The hat is adorable.

  10. Well, I must admit I love cotton! Knitting or crochet, I really love the feel of FOs made with cotton. And I do love that hat! Very sassy bow.

    The Olympic closing ceremonies are this Sunday, so almost no more track and field. I do agree that most track and field events have been relegated to later in the evening, and then aired in spurts. Definitely not the best if one is big track and field fan.

    Good luck with the fair next week, and have fun in your classes! I will eventually get to that fair ... eventually ...

  11. This is beyond adorable. I have the same problem with cotton... it just doesn't give the same. I haven't watched a stitch of the Olympics. It's too commercial for my liking.

  12. Wonderful crafts and links, cheers Marie

  13. Love the Minnie Mouse hat! :) I've found the live daily coverage much more entertaining than NBC's nightly "recap" coverage.

  14. Cute-cute-cute mini-Minnie!! I made a quickie baby hat this week.


  15. I *intensely* dislike working with cotton ... so difficult! It makes my hands hurt!

    Have fun at the fair, and best of luck!