Sunday, September 9, 2012

And on the farm, she raised two bears...E I E I O

I know my children don't like that I call them Brother Bear and Sister Bear but it doesn't stop me from doing it.  When they were little and I would read Little Bear to my daughter, I would call her my Little Bear then once her brother was born, he became Brother Bear.  It also reminded me of the Bernstein Bears which I used to read their books to my kids.  Inside, Outside, Upside Down was always one of my favorites even as a child.

I digress, what I wanted to share was that I love the adventures that my bears have and what we learn together.  This weekend wasn't any different.  We decided that it was time to get Sister Bear driving the small riding lawn mower and feeling comfortable with it before we let her drive the big Kubota next year (maybe).  Grumpy had her outside driving it.  It was so cute.  Even at the slow speed, she was terrified.  "Mama, I don't like driving in reverse!"  "Well, you have to learn sometime", said the woman who hates backing up with the Alpaca trailer attached.

Speaking of mildstones, we also discovered that Mr. Tumnus (not a bear) is now nibbling grain.  He's about 2 1/2 months old now.  I got a lot of lovin' time with him last night which was perfect.

Now not to leave Brother Bear out...he's been busy helping (or being heldped) Grumpy build a model tank.  They completed it today so now all they have to do is paint it.  Grumpy is having to put the little pieces together but Brother Bear doesn't seem to mind, he rather likes supervising his dad ;-)


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