Friday, September 7, 2012

Fiber Arts Friday - Finally, Walking on Sunshine

Welcome to Fiber Arts Friday!  Another Wonderful week of knitting, weaving and spinning for about you?

My only goal of Labor Day Weekend was to finish my Walking on Sunshine socks.  They were completed at 10pm on Monday night.  Yeah, nothing like weaving in the ends at the very end of the relaxing long weekend.  They were totally worth it though. wait for the weather to cool down.  I don't want it to get cold...just cool enough that I can enjoy my favorite jeans, a hoodie and my sassy handknit socks.

A lot of people have commented on how difficult these socks must have been to knit.  They totally weren't.  If you can read a chart, then you can knit these.  It's called Mosaic knitting which means that you work the same color with slipped stitches for two rows then you change.  It's a great way to learn how to knit with two color yarns without the head of intarsia or fair isle.  I have to say, I love the Kelly J Knit patterns because they really do make me look like a better knitter than I am.  I also like this pattern and the socks I made right before these because I was focusing on the chart and not on the fact that I'm working on small needles.  The only problem...knitting two pair of socks back to back.  Next time, I'll knit a pair then knit something else (on bigger needles) before switching back.

Now that my socks are finished, I have a couple of knitting WIPS that need tending to.  I don't have any process photos but promise photos when/if they get finished.

I am also back to working on my 32" Rigid Heddle Loom.  I warped it BEFORE Christmas and here it is September and it is begging to be completed.  I bought a new shuttle for the loom during Yarn Quest back in April and now I am finally going to use it.  I have a couple projects that I want to complete with the yarn I warped so...I am going to ignore knitting for a couple of weeks (except for those WIPs) and my spinning wheel and focus on my weaving and drop spindles.

With school back in session and Autumn at my doorstep, I hope that I will have more projects and adventures to share.  The sock knitting sucked the life out of me ;-) but it was well worth it.  The next round of Nerd Wars will be here before I know it.  I intend to play on Team Precious again.  I am already looking at some possible dissertation projects so...which do you think I should knit?

1.  Bigger on the Inside   using my Suri Alpaca blend yarn, Morning Mist
2.  Rockefeller One color would be handspun and one color would be millspun
3.  Gilet court d'ete using my handspun yarn

Yeah, If I knit BOTI (Bigger on the Inside), I will really have to stretch tying it into Middle Earth but wouldn't it be awesome if Dr. Who were to show up there.  Ah, a gal can dream about all of her favorite nerdy characters being all in one place.  Now...share your adventures in Fiber Arts and seriously, give me an opinion on those three projects, especially those of you who know me and my projects.

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  1. Love the design and colour of the socks. Looking forward to seeing your projects especially the weaving.

  2. Well done on finishing these fabulous socks! And I vote for the BOTI, that's so cool :D

  3. I love those socks so much - excellent colour choice!

  4. You know I love the socks! And I vote for BOTI too!

  5. Your socks are awesome! I know you're glad they're done. I've had a few projects like that and heaved a sigh of relief when I didn't have to look at them on the needles anymore :) No matter how much fun they were in the beginning. The start of your weaving project looks very pretty. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Yay for finsihed socks!

    I like the Rockefeller shawl best. :-)

  7. Very cute socks-looking forward to seeing what comes off your loom

  8. I love those socks!! You are a great knitter! I can't wait to see what you pull off your loom, I am slowly going back to mine after I noticed a few errors in my project that I can't fix easily.

    Have a good week.

  9. Lovely socks, they turned out so beautifully! I like all three projects, but perhaps the Gilet court d'été best.

  10. Love, Love, LOVE those socks! Gorgeous! Unfortunately, knitting and fiber time has been next to none here this week. :/

  11. Can't wait to see what comes off the loom!!!!

    And I'm for the Gilet too. It's time for a Wonder Why Gal cardi. :)

  12. I like all three patterns, great choices. Rockefeller is incredibly popular, so you'll have a lot of company. Gilet is very practical. BOTI is cute, and the pattern is free :-)

  13. Oh goody more weaving stuff ... I love your weaving.

    I know what you mean about cool weather. I just finished a lovely cardigan, and it's 100% wool! I won't be able to wear it till October or November.

  14. Awesome socks! I am amazed every single time I see someone has knitted socks! I think I would end up poking my eyes out from frustration.

  15. Those socks are a dream---I love the pattern, the colours, how amazing your knitting is... :D

    And as always, a heartfelt "hooray for weaving!" from me.

  16. The socks look fantastic! I have yet to try a pair of stranded socks. Maybe this is the year I give it a go. :-D

    As far as voting, I choose Bigger on the Inside, because I'm kinda on a huge Dr. Who kick at the moment.

  17. You always knit the coolest socks! I love the purple and orange together!!!!

  18. Cutie-cute sock pattern in perfect Fall colors!


  19. Your socks look fab. I vote for number 2, and you could wear it to watch the Hobbit movie when it comes out :)

    Looking forward to seeiing some weaving