Friday, September 21, 2012

Fiber Arts Friday - Loose Ends?

Welcome to Fiber Arts Friday, the welcome to Autumn Edition!  This weekend marks the beginning of fall.  It's also the birthday of my favorite Hobbits, Bilbo and Frodo Baggins (not that I follow a Tolkien Middle Earth Calendar or anything...)  This week I have been busy trying to finish WIPs that I have been taunting me  and not starting new projects.  Yeah, that's going well.  Seriously, I have begun a new project but have also been rockin' the WIPs.  The cooler air, the turning of the leaves and getting to wear my handknits have just inspired me to kick my projects into overdrive (during what little downtime I have).

First, last week I took a poll about which shawl I should knit.  Well, I'm torn because the votes were pretty even so I took it over to Ravelry and decided that I shall knit all three but start with the Rockefeller by Stephen West using yarn I have had from Briar Rose for a few years matched with a gorgeous yarn dyed by a fellow Team Precious mate.  I promise photos once I have the swatch done.  (Yes, you read that right.  I am going to take the time to gauge swatch) then The Water's Edge by Kelly J Knits before I attempt the BOTI by Kate Atherly so I'm going to have my hands full but I decided that having a couple of shawls with mostly garter would be better for knitting while at sporting events and travel than a lace filled shawl.

Now, for The Water's Edge shawl I am spinning of of the yarns for the shawl to pair with a skein of Madelinetosh I bought last Spring.  This is what I've spun so far.  It's my Suri Alpaca blend donated from my boys, Taz and Metallica.  I always love spinning from my own herd.

I finished my Briar Rose Polworth and just need to ply it.  That will be a project for this weekend so you'll see the finished yarn then.

I got my required 24 inches for the project I am experimenting with on my big loom.  As you can see, the weave isn't as tight as I wanted for towels so I cut it off and this weekend will also be spent getting the warp set again using a size 10 Reed.  Hopefully this will be what I need.

I also took my La Vitre scarf out of time out.  It is a gorgeous pattern written by our very own Voie de Vie and the only reason it went into time out was the yarn I chose.  It's very sticky and I kept getting my stitches messed up because I'd grab two instead of one which messes up the pattern and TINKing back a YO is just too frustrating.  I should have just knit it with my Alpaca like the pattern suggested but the intended recipient really liked this yarn.  My goal is to finish this then knit it properly with my yarn.

So...I guess I may have found more free time that I thought.  What can I say?  I have a "mild" fiber addiction.  Now, share your adventures in Fiber Arts.  Thank you to everyone who visits each week and especially to those who leave comments and link in.  I adore all of your support.

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  1. Love that alpaca blend you are spinning up, how wonderful to spin from your own herd, wish I had some alpacas!

  2. You've been a busy girl! I drooled over the Rockefeller a few days ago. That looks like a monumental project but so beautiful. I know you like the colorwork so it should be right in your wheelhouse. Good luck with that finishing before starting thing :) Have a great weekend.

  3. Yeah I see what you mean about it not being tight enough. I do like the color pattern though! Hope the next warp works out like you want it too.

  4. Andrea--You are a crazy mad knitter/spinner/weaver!! I love how much you can get done in a week, with work and family responsibilities too. You are the original 'If you want something done, ask a busy person'!! XO-

  5. That is a lot of projects on the go...I have a few on the go right now, but they are all small things. I find I am easily distracted at this time of year, so small things are better for me.

  6. The La Vitre scarf may be sticky, but it sure is pretty! : )

    1. I LOVE the pattern, just not the yarn. I will be stunning when blocked though.

  7. You are amazing Andrea! I love that you can spin from your own herd. It has to be incredible to have that connection.
    Wishing you a happy and productive Fall.
    I'm getting my knitting mojo back and can't wait to have more FO's than WIP's.

  8. Oh, that last scarf is gorgeous!!! We strayed a little from the fiber today for a little shaming... but everyone out there, make sure you check out the giveaway we have this week - think you all will love it (hint: SHOES!)

  9. I have seen several Rockefeller shawls and they are all beautiful. Can't wait to see how your progress with it.

  10. lol - you're going to make all three. Way too funny!!!! I do love what you're spinnning from Taz and Metallica (that's also a great combo for your own La Vitre :) ). I'm with Cathy - I'd love to have a few alpacas and/or llamas in the backyard. Now if only I would do something with my hand spindle ...

  11. Your boys make great looking yarn! I like your way of thinking about projects. Next time if I can't decide I'd just knit them all ;-)

  12. No post for me this week.

    It sounds like you've been very busy though... especially enjoying that cooler weather. :-)

  13. A "mild" addiction? Hmmm, I guess we can let you "think" so..... :)
    I am impressed that you will make 3 shawls! I have a knit project for a tube in the round (easy peasy) and I cannot seem to finish it! How are the goats?

  14. I just love Reading Fiber Arts Friday...even when I am days behind. Many thanks.