Friday, September 14, 2012

Fiber Arts Friday - Weaving threads for more time

Welcome to Fiber Arts Friday!  Is anyone else feeling the rush of madness the beginning of a new school year brings?  I am finding that my precious Fiber Arts times is going to lose out to school sports...I know, I'm glad you were sitting down when you read that too.

This week my daughter will have had three Cross Country Meets.  Yikes!  We have been all over the countryside (seriously, they run through parts of mowed hay fields) and I am finding that it's not the best environment to knit or use a drop spindle.  You know what?  It's totally worth it.  I am loving the fact that I can be there to cheer on my darling children.

Now, never fear because I have found a bit of Fiber Arts time.  I managed to clear off my Cricket that has been holding my spa cloths that I started back in May.  The fabric is off and I have a bunch of squares that now need some loving care on the sewing machine. They don't look like much now but once I get them on the sewing machine (gasp!) they will take on a whole new look.

I managed to weave another 10 inches on my big loom.  I need another five inches or so then I am going to take off the fabric I wove for an experiment.  I need to change the reed to a smaller size before continuing.  It's just a little too open for the remaining projects I want to make with the remaining warp.

Finally, I have been winding down at night with some lovely Polworth Wool dyed by Briar Rose that I bought a couple of years ago.  It's been delicious to spin.  I guess when you look at it, I did manage to get a lot done.  How about you?  Share your adventures in Fibers Arts!
Fiber Arts Friday !

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  1. Every time you post about weaving it makes me want to get a loom ;)

  2. Gosh! For someone who claims not having much fibre arts time you sure fit a lot in, imagine when you do have more time! Well done you for juggling work, being a mum and have fun all at the same time. Have a relaxing weekend :)

  3. Andrea that Polworth is beautiful! Great color and shine. Sounds like you're in full swing with school activities. Good luck you your children in their sporting endeavors. Have a great weekend.

  4. It looks fantastic. i love the colours! I also love the colour of the wool. Hope you have a great weekend.

  5. Andrea--It was the part about you using a sewing machine that made me feel faint!! :) Good for you, Miss are pushing your fiber-art boundaries!! Giggle.

  6. I know what you mean - seems like we should have more time with the kids in school all day, but it actually feels like less! we've had soccer game, football and soccer practice, a football game, and cub scouts all since Monday!

  7. Did I read that right? You're going to change the reed in the middle of a warp?

    You must share how that goes.

  8. Ah, I remember those days! Going to cross country meets, softball games, etc. It was fun cheering on our kids. Your fabric looks great and I love the colors - that's just an experiment?

  9. I too love how that Polworth is spinning up! Great color.

    And I have hysterical visions of you spinning your Polworth in the middle of countryside hayfields while cheering on Sister Bear ... :)

  10. Hi, lots of fun fibery stuff going on this week i see. I keep just wanting to make more blankets, I think it's the autumnal weather making me need to feel cosy.
    thanks everyone

  11. Loving that Polworth too!
    You always make me want to start weaving, but I have so little room for just my knitting stuff.
    Still, I feel the urge to expand my fiber experiences.
    A girl can dream!

  12. I find it hard to knit at sports events, with all that cheering, stomping, picture taking, etc. My son did cross country for a year and I think in every meet I spent the whole time chasing down the team, looking for him (he wasn't leading the pack for sure), and taking pictures or videos.

  13. Beautiful weaving project! I am staring at my Cricket loom now... realizing I really need to sit down and figure it out!

  14. Enjoy the kids sports moments all you can, while you can! Fiber will always be here, but the bears will grow and wander off on their own someday. Plenty of time for playing with yarn then.

  15. The Polworth Wool dyed by Briar Rose is really really pretty!

  16. You know, when I was in school (so many years ago, the 70s and 80s) sports for girls was just not encouraged. I am so glad that has changed!

  17. Beautiful projects, glad you are still finding some fibre arts time