Saturday, September 8, 2012

Life on the Farm - September 2012

Just wanted to share a bit of our beautiful afternoon here on the farm.  For once it won't be loaded with photos of my Alpaca because I was having too much fun with the goats.  Kaboom wasn't very happy that he wasn't the center of attention so I promised him that he'd be the lead photo in this post.

The goats are too much fun!  Seriously, they are like little dogs.  They wag their tails, want you to love on them and will follow you anywhere you walk in the pasture (which makes taking photographs difficult).  I took an insane amount of pictures to finally get the ones I am sharing because the goats were always right at my feet.  Silly little goats.

They are also finally making some headway with the barn cats.  The cats, who love the Alpacas, are totally freaked out with the goats.  I don't know why but it is funny to watch them interact.

Finally, Wonder and Why are now four months old.  We are enjoying the geese.  We definately won't be taking them to fair though.  Geez, no matter how much we handled them when they were little, as they have grown they have become very grumpy (and not like my darling Grumpy type of grumpy)


  1. Your post reminded me of the Hubs...he raised goats when in HS, built a goat barn and everything...his parents are still taxed on it ;) And he has always disliked geese, said they are so mean..he is interested in possibly getting alpacas at his parents, but not for a while...we just made plans to go to a fair tomorrow...I love fairs!

  2. I love your goats! You are so right about them being very much like dogs. I seem to find myself spending much of my free time playing with them and laughing!

  3. Lovely photos, the goats are adorable (and Kaboom as well , of course, just love his name!). Geese can be grumpy, but it does mean they make good watchdogs

  4. Love the pictures!

    We have tried the loving on the animal when they are young hoping they will be more friendly as adults but I haven't had that much success with that (not on geese specifically though). I think it's a personality they are born with more than anything.


  5. I think it must be the type of geese.

    I had a shearing client a couple of years ago that had an unusual breed of geese. They kept coming over while we were setting up. She finally had to put them in the barn so we could get some work done. ;-)

  6. Grumpy geese and doggy goats - you have quite a little menagerie over there. :)

    All adorable!

  7. Those goats are so cute. What a wonderful life you are living!

  8. I always love seeing pictures of your farm animals. I think it's awesome that you have totally embraced this farm life and all that it entails! Your fiber work is great too and it's nice to see things go from "the farm to the finished"!
    Thanks for sharing it all with us!