Monday, September 10, 2012

Run Bear, Run

Sister Bear competed in her first Cross Country meet today.  It was a beautiful day in the mid-70's which was perfect for a run.

Sister Bear learned really quick that she should have run a wee bit more during Summer vacation...

 She was feeling the burn of the run.
 After the run, she had to wait her turn for her finish.  She was number 47 out of ???  There were so many girls running, I didn't hear the final number but she was somewhere in the middle of the pack.

 Now, Sister Bear lounging after the run...that's more my speed.  Of course, she quickly got up to cheer on the next couple of races.

I love Cross Country...literally in the corn fields with paths mowed for running trails.  I love Autumn in Michigan especially outdoors cheering on my little one.


  1. I want to run in corn fields!! :) That sounds fun.


  2. I never ran cross country in school. I sure wish I had.

    Congrats to Sister Bear!