Saturday, November 24, 2012

Introducing the Piaf Scarf

Yesterday was a day for completing a couple of projects.  It's amazing how productive you can be on a long weekend while still in your pajamas.  I finished knitting my Piaf Scarf which is a part of the Accessories: Autumne 2012 collection by Denise at Voie de Vie.

The magic of block transformed this beautiful scarf into a bulky lace beauty that will be gorgeous wrapped around the neck.  I used a thick and thin yarn from Briar Rose called Dreamweaver.

If you like this scarf, you have a chance to win the pattern so you can knit it yourself along with the other four patterns in Denise's collection.  The chance to win ends tomorrow.

Accessories:  Autumne 2012 collection which retails at $14.99.  The giveaway will run through this Sunday (tomorrow) then I will announce the winner next Friday.  The scarf I'm knitting is the only knit pattern in the collection.  The other five items are beautiful crocheted items that are really inspiring me to crochet. Here are the rules:

1.  You may enter by commenting on this blog post.
2.  Become an official follower of my blog.
3.  Please leave your Ravelry Name or email so I can contact you.
4.  Entries started with Wednesday's post and I will accept comment/entries through this Sunday.
5.  I will post the winner next Friday then Denise will send you the eBook directly.
6.  I will also accept entries on my Wonder Why Alpaca Farm Facebook Fan Page.

I was also at the spinning wheel for part of the day...after those yarns have soaked and set I will be sharing their loveliness.

Have a great weekend and remember to Buy Local/Buy Handmade and Support Small Business.


  1. I love how this came out. I really need to make one soon!

  2. Those colors remind me of the Caribbean! Very lovely.

  3. Just beautiful!!!! Ravelry name: RachelBeth27
    You are so talented!

  4. The scarf is really just beautiful. I love holidays spent in jammies, they are the best.

  5. Blocking does amazing things to an already nice project. Your Piaf is beautiful!

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  7. That is gorgeous! A brilliant pattern to showcase your handspun yarns, which of course are brilliant themselves.

  8. Lovely scarf. Holidays are great for doing loads of knitting, and blocking lace is like a magic trick!