Friday, January 11, 2013

Fiber Arts Friday - Spinning my wheels

Welcome to Fiber Arts Friday!  Did you ever watch soap operas back in the day when they were completely addictive?  Oh, how I would schedule some of my college classes so I'd never miss my favorite soap.  Well, These are the Days of My Life and As the World Turns so does the saga of my knitting continue. 

I am angry at my beautiful Evenstar of Wonder mitts.  I screwed up and I have vowed not to tear back so they are mocking me.  I think I started my palm later than I should have and so now my thumb to finger tip length isn't going to work.  Grrrrr...I think instead of mittens they are going to become fingerless mitts.

Have I mentioned that knitting doesn't relax me?  Well, I am addicted to sassy knitted items and know I must knit them if I want to wear them so...the soap opera continues.  Maybe next week I will figure out if those mittens have "One Life to Live" or not ;-)

When one fiber art stresses you out, you must return to the one that never fails.  This week I worked on filling a couple of bobbins.  First, I spun my Riddles in the Dark batt from my Hobbit Batt Club.  I am going to Navajo ply it this weekend.  I know I created this batt but I have to's pure heaven to spin.

I started to spin a braid of roving I purchased from my friend CJ Kopec this summer.  It's a BFL/Silk blend that is delicious to spin. I will most likely N-ply that too.  I am really enjoying the three ply yarns I've been creating so...I am going to continue what I enjoy.

I started to warp my loom the other day but by the time I get home from work and the bears go to bed, I just want to spin. 

In Alpaca related news, Mr. Tumnus went to stay at our friends farm.  He was the only cria born this year and it was time to wean him.  He is now in a pen and pasture with a couple of other little boys his own age.  We loaded him in the back of our SUV and he did very well in his first adventure away from the farm and from his mom.  The Bears really miss him and I do too.  He is such a friendly fellow.  With 4H beginning, we will be going to my friend's farm on a regular basis to help halter train him along with the other 4H Alpacas.  He won't come home until mid-July once 4H is done for the year...that's a long time.

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  1. Oooh I'm in love with your batt, it's simply gorgeous, drooling with envy... Mr Tumnus is very handsome, hope he copes well with his new environment :)

  2. I love the batt and can't wait to get mine going! I'm saving it for when I master my wheel :)

  3. I love the yarns, especially the blue one. So pretty.

  4. ooh, remember Santa Barbara? I couldn't wait to get home from school to watch that one every day.

    1. I loved Santa Barbara! Yes, it didn't have the following as some but that was what I would rush home from school to watch.

  5. When I give myself deadlines for things, THAT knitting sure stresses me out! :)
    Love those beautiful colors!

  6. Whoa, what are those batts in that top photo? Those are beautiful! I know what you mean about the knitting that mocks you. This is why I just rip it out and fix it without even giving it a second thought. No knitting is gonna successfully mock me ever again! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    1. That's the Month 2 submission for my Hobbit Batt Club and it's called Riddles in the Dark. The first month was Hobbit Hole and the third being worked on right now.

      I have some upcoming clubs that are going to be delicious to spin. Limited edition colorways.

  7. I thought I added my link earlier but now I don't see it, sorry if you end up with duplicates.

    Sometimes knitting doesn't get along with me too, don't hesitate to change the pattern and make it work for you. Glad you always have spinning to make you feel better!

  8. So sorry the mitts aren't working...but love your analogy!!!!

    Mine was Guiding Light....I started watching it back in the early 80's..Kevin Bacon was on it...

  9. That BFL+Silk is going to be dreamy.

  10. I am envious of your talent creating such lovely things. I have tried to knit but crochet seems easier for me. Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you will come back often. Have a nice day! Shannon

  11. Fingerless mitts are very handy. No pun intended.