Friday, December 27, 2013

Fiber Arts Friday - At Year's End

Welcome to the last Fiber Arts Friday post of 2013.  It always amazes me as I look back at what I've created over the year.  What about you?  When you see it all in one place, it really does show how productive you've been.

I meant this post to be all about my year in review but...I had too many projects finished this week to share so...I will be sharing them next week.  I sure hope that if you blog and link in to Fiber Arts Friday, that you will too.

This last week I took a day off of work which meant, with the holiday, that I ended up with five days at home.  That was five days in my pajamas was spent with my family and finishing up knitting projects.  I forced myself not to touch my looms until I finished my KAL Cowl from October so...I promise to share that first.  This has truly been my biggest lace knitting project ever and I'm very pleased with it.  I've decided that my problem with lace isn't my constant need to be moving; the lack of detail is due to the kids and dogs pulling me away from counting.  Thank goodness for stitch markers. After dropping stitches that went back multiple rows, I will learn to use a safety line in my next lace project.

The My Pedro Yarns
knit up by friends.
It seemed like I would barely get through a section then it was time to get this or do that or have a dog jump on my lap or crawl over my shoulder because they wanted to look at the goats through the window. It's hard to knit when you have a 20 lb Miniature Schnauzer perched on your shoulder.  It's done and it's beautiful.  This is going to be a display for me to use at shows to show of the My Pedro yarn.  If you haven't had a chance to knit with it, you should.  The pink is the cowl  I knitted, the other colors are from the cowls friends knitted.

My Aunt wanted a slouchy hat for Christmas.  Over the last few years, she has received a woven scarf, woven cowl and a knitted cowl but no hat to the drawing board.  She wanted a black hat.  Geez!  I had a bazillion patterns in my queue that I've wanted to knit but knitting them in Black would not be fun so...I went with my tried and true favorite pattern, The Journey Hat.  It's perfect for handspun.  I used 100% Alpaca donated by our boy, Mr. Tumnus who I sold this fall.  Don't worry, he is now living with a few other Alpacas at my favorite apple orchard so I can visit him often.  Somewhere around Sunday, I realized that I wouldn't have enough yarn.  EEP!  So...back to the spinning wheel.  (Good thing I have the whole fleece to get my greedy spinning hands on)  I whipped up the final 60 yards I needed so I could completed the project.  I was knitting with two strands of yarn so I was eating through the yardage.  I was very pleased with the project but...having to take a break to spin slowed me down.  Good thing I had the lace cowl to knit.

Of course. even with those two projects, I needed some down time from deadlines so I decided that Sister Bear needed one more Christmas present.  I was going to whip up a Tardis Mouse for her.  The bad part about that is that she saw me knitting it.  She didn't know what I was knitting until I started to embroider "Police Box" on the mouse then she was impatient for her gift.

So...that was my Christmas weekend.  Join me next week for a farewell review of our 2013 projects and a welcome to the 2014 fiber arts resolutions.
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  1. Love the cowl....and oh the Tardis mouse..I think I need one too.....

  2. I have to agree, lace needs lots of concentration time and stitch markers. Nice job.

    Merry Christmas.

  3. Beautiful Cowl, lovely hat, but that mouse is ADORABLE!!!! Happy New Year!

  4. I've never watched an episode of Dr Who, but I love the mouse!

  5. That's a lot of (last minute) knitting! Love the Tardis Mouse. Thank you for hosting FAF another year, great to be in the group of fiber lovers!

  6. Lace is a harsh mistress. When you're not looking, the yarn-overs jump off the needles.

  7. Such gorgeous projects, well done with your cowl, I need lots of focus to do lace, and a handspun hat is such a gorgeous gift. Love love love the tardis mouse! (I have Doctor Who on in the background right now!)

  8. I've never seen a Tardis Mouse before! Hilarious and awesome! Total in love with your pink cowl, too.

  9. Hey lady - good on you for having five days off! Love those projects, but the black hat - black is definitely difficult in anything other than daylight. :) I hope you had a great holiday, and I'll look forward to the year-end wrap. I cannot believe it's been another year of Fiber Arts Fridays - where have all the Fridays gone? :)

  10. I have loved all your projects this year. I always look forward to your spinning, weaving and knitting! Your spinning always inspires me to work harder :)