Friday, January 3, 2014

Fiber Arts Friday - 2014 Week 1

Welcome to the first Fiber Arts Friday of 2014.  Wowza!  2014.  This year I'm going to do my best to work on the two tubs of yarn stash I have accumulated over the last few years.  It's either going to get knitted, gifted or put into a woven project.

I'm going to do my best to not buy yarn...yes, yarn.  This is now a vow just a suggestion (this way I don't get  myself in trouble ;-)  Now this doesn't go for fiber.  If I can spin it then I'm buying it.

With that being said, I realized on New Year's Eve that I had a bunch of projects that have gone in the time out pile and I must decide if I should finish them or frog them.  I didn't take photos but I promise by next week I will...with my intentions.  I found two hats, two shawls, a pair of socks, a knitted sword, a mitt without it's mate, one mitten...another hat and a sweater.  Yikes!

I summed up my 2013 projects in a post on Wednesday including the two projects I completed that day one of which I started in April of 2012.  Yikes. Instead of picking up another one of my WIPs on Wednesday, I decided to cast on a new project (with stash yarn) plus start spinning a new yarn or two.

The mitts are the Maize pattern found on Ravelry.  I'm using a worsted weight yarn I bought in a yarn club in 2012.  The first yarn I used from the club I wasn't impressed with.  This is better but I found that it was just sitting there not begging to be knit.  Fingerless mitts are perfect for this yarn.

Next, I got a new blend of my Suri Alpaca yarn back from the mill.  It's a slightly different blend from before with different Alpacas contributing to the blend.  I'm calling it, The Boys.  Suri Alpaca/Merino/Silk   I intend for this to be a 2ply yarn and it looks like it will be a fingering weight when completed.  It wants to be thin.  We'll see.  Every time I think I'm spinning a certain weight, it never turns out like it looks on the bobbin.  I still have so much to learn with my spinning.

Finally, today is the LAST DAY to join the Pattern Giveaway from Voie de Vie.  Check out THIS POST and follow the rules.  I'll be selecting the winner a bit later and notifying Denise so she can send the pattern collection to the winner.

Now share your adventures in Fiber Arts.  I look forward to all of your creations in 2014.
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  1. Wow you always have so much going on! You are very brave trying not to buy yarn. I may have some exciting news at the end of feb. You have inspired me ;-)

  2. Happy New Year!


  3. Ooh, I love the new spinning yarn. So elegant!! I have 5 items to finish or frog. 2 are definitely getting frogged and the other 3 are hopefully finishing. One is on the collar of a cardigan now, so it's sooo close!

  4. Love that blue colorway! Happy 2014!

  5. I'm trying to finish all the UFOs, too - and there are so many I should be embarrassed!
    That roving is incredible!

  6. Good luck with your resolutions. Love the you're spinning.
    Willow4 :0)

  7. I love the idea of Fiber Arts Friday and I don't even knit or crochet :) I stick to the sewing machine myself. I love what you do...these items are gorgeous! Keep it up!

    1. Oh, please share your sewing too. I am learning to sew and always love to see what others create.

    2. You got it! This week I will do FAF!

  8. Your colours are so beautiful, as always! Happy New Year <3

  9. Your spinning looks utterly gorgeous, it sounds like a super blend

  10. I enjoyed make a few pairs of fingerless mitts for Christmas gifts. I like this pattrn and the matching hat. The blues in your yarn are gorgeous.
    Happy New Year!

  11. The Boys is gorgeous! and those mitts look very pretty. and not too smurfy. :) jolly good! good luck with your stashdown. Two bins doesn't sound bad to me. I think it depends on the size of these bins? :)

  12. OhMyBob, do I love what is on that bobbin. Lurve, lurve, lurve. :)

  13. W życiu nie widziałam alpak w biegu. Cudowne zdjęcia.
    Piękne prace tworzysz.