Friday, January 10, 2014

Fiber Arts Friday - Snowpocalypse 2014

Welcome to Fiber Arts Friday!  This has been an exceptionally productive Fiber Arts week for me due to the big snow storm caused by the polar vortex.  I ended up with two days off of work due to the severe cold weather here and insane amount of snow fall in a short time frame.  Most of Michigan shut down.

So what does a knitter do with the first snow day in over 20 years?  First she jumps up and down in a wild happy dance then she casts on a shawl!  I cast on the Hitchhiker and found that it's highly addictive.  I think I'm meant to knit shawls from side to side.  Not as many stitches on the needle keeps me from being overwhelmed.   Taking inspiration from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, there are 42 "teeth" in this shawl.  I am at 26 teeth.  Not bad for just a few days knitting.  It was too cold to do anything else.

During the intense cold (-40 degrees F real feel), I had the animals locked in the barn.  They weren't happy but the wind was whipping and it was awful.  Tomorrow it's supposed to be 30 degrees.  What a change in temperature.

I've ignored my spinning wheel because I've been obsessed with the shawlette.  I did, however, start organizing my yarn stash over the weekend.  All of my partially used skeins of yarn have now been organized by color for me to find when weaving.

I found a holder for all of the cones of yarn.

I also organized all of the yarn that I haven't even touched and now have it in tubs organized by yarn weight.  I'm a bit embarrassed because this is all yarn bought at stores or fiber festivals.  This isn't even my handspun stash (although a few skeins are in this pile)

I'm officially not buying anymore yarn until I use up or barter my way out of some of this stash.  Yikes!

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  1. I am glad it has warmed up for you now. Incredible temperatures. Lovely colours in your shawl.

  2. Another one on a yarn diet. I still manage to find some excuse though.
    I quite like the Hitchhiker but I'm not that into knitting and have little use for a shawl. Maybe I'll try improvising something in Tunisian.

  3. I'm wicked jealous of your yarn stash! But I should organize what I do have :)
    Yay for the Hitchhiker!! If my finger will thaw out, I can finish mine this weekend.

  4. Hello! I'm glad you all survived the crazy cold weather. I was so happy this morning when my sliding door would actually slide again and the pain in my arthritic ankle has eased up. Gotta love Michigan weather. Looks like you've got a lot of weaving/knitting to do in the next few months. That's a buncha yarn! Your Hitchhiker looks like a bunch of fun. I'm not even going to bother looking at my stash. I've been trying for the past couple years to decrease my stash and I'm pretending that I'm making progress :) Have a great weekend!

  5. Love your Hitchikker! I've knitted a number of them myself. Great pattern. For added whimsy, I added a charm to each "tooth".

    Thanks for hosting.


  6. You were definitely productive, even if chilly.

    Your Hitchhiker is pretty!

  7. LOL! I make that same vow every year, and then promptly break it. Last year it took 2 weeks, this year only 1 week! It's hard, it's my birthday month, so I HAVE to buy yarn. They are giving me a discount, so I must, right? Love the hitchhiker.

  8. Happy New Year, Andrea!
    I'm in organizing mode and I hope to accomplish stash control soon. It's going to be hard to not buy any yarn for a while, but I really have to be committed to this process, finally.
    The Hitchhiker shawl is so pretty. Fast progress, too!

  9. The hitchhiker shawl is addictive. It's the first garter stitch item I've admired. Your's looks cool. I love the pic of your yarn sorted by color. very pretty!

  10. Definitely happy to hear the temps are improving out your way.

  11. You are making me want to go cast on the hitchhiker! Glad you survived the polar vortex!

  12. Hi Andrea! Your shawl is going to be fantastic and I can understand that you can leave it from your hands! Great to start NEW year with organized yarn store!
    Happy NEW Year! x Teje

  13. Can also be called "snowmageddon."

    I'm actually embarrassed by my stash. So many odds and ends, no substantial amount of any one type. One day I'm just going to make a really large, bizarre bedspread and be done with it.

  14. So glad it's slated to get warmer there - yikes a freezing moley! And I definitely love your Hitchhiker - great colorway.

    Ummm, I'm coming to raid your stash ... :)

  15. Oooh your hitchhiker looks so yummy, and I'm positively jealous of your stash!

  16. Love your Hitchhiker! I've just bought some yarn with christmas money, that I am going to use for the Hitchhiker! Hope your keeping warm!

  17. Beautiful hitchhiker and lovely looking yarn supply! Glad the weather is warming up for you

  18. Love your polar vortex project!

  19. Beautiful Hitchhiker - I like the colors in that yarn. Organizing your stash can be a real eye opener, huh? I did it several times last year and I *still* have a closet-full!