Friday, May 30, 2014

Fiber Arts Friday - Week 22 2014

It's the last weekend in May...the last Friday in May!  Happy Fiber Arts Friday!  This week I have a lot to share with you.   I spent the better part of last weeked dyeing yarn, wet felting and spinning.  The gorgeous sunshine and warm weather had my energy at a peak.

First, the yarn that I started spinning at the end of April is finally complete.  640 yards of 2ply, 16 WPI, 6.4oz using my Metallica blend roving 70/20/10 Suri Alpaca/Merino/Silk  I am in LOVE with this yarn!

Next, I experimented with wet felting again.  I have seen felters use raw wool to create really awesome rugs so I thought I would try it with Alpaca.  Well, I had some issues and it didn't turn out as planned.  That's ok, I think I have some new ideas to use with the felted fiber.  What didn't work is that my tips felted right in.  Grrrrr
Before Felting with a few layers of fiber layed out - this being the top
After Felting

I also got quite a bit of dyeing done which means that my Etsy shop will get an update soon. I had hoped to share those photos but they don't want to load into my photo stream nor let me upload them from my phone into Blogger.  Grrrrrr.  I spent a lot of time loving on our barn critters too.  This weekend, three of the baby goats will leave our farm.  It's always sad to see our kids grow up and leave.

I am finally using my Instagram account so lots of pics are being shared there.  Find me as wonderwhygal
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  1. Gorgeous yarn and I love felting too! Have a great weekend!

  2. My goodness, you have been busy! What a fabulous blend of fibers for your yarn, am looking forward to seeing the wonderful things you make with it.

    (I sometimes felt, too, but it's usually by accident!)

  3. Ah the cuteness!!! Too bad about the felting, hope it works out next time...I just started using my instagram account too...I'm graceysgoodies...

  4. That yarn is stunning! Are you selling it or keeping it?

  5. That yarn is such a beautiful colour, thanks for sharing

  6. I'm with Kathryn - I love that yarn too!