Friday, June 20, 2014

Fiber Arts Friday - Week 25 2014

Happy Summer Solstice Eve and Fiber Arts Friday!  It's a good thing that the days are getting longer because I have too much to do and so little time to accomplish it.  This week, I've completed another coiled yarn.  I'm calling it Hippie Chickie!  It's from one of my new colorways called Hobbit Holiday using 100% BFL.  I'm really enjoying making textured yarns especially after spinning so many lighweight yarns.  It keeps my fingers flexible.

Next, I finally made some cheese from out goats.  Boy, oh boy, was that an experience.  In three hours I made Mozzarella and Ricotta cheese from one gallon of Nigerian Dwarf Goat Milk.  First, I am totally shocked at how little cheese I got from that gallon and how much whey I had to use.  I did find a few websites that gave suggestions for using whey but...there was so much of it and so little cheese.
Separating the Curds and Whey
The two jars are each 1/2 Gallon.
Look how much whey is left after the Mozzerella was made.

The cheese was delicious but I know that I won't be making it that often.  I will, however, try my hands at Feta cheese in the next few weeks.  We'll see how that cheese to whey ratio works out.
The Goat Milk Cheese

I'm still making progress on my weaving.  I'm still getting a few inches done a night but photos just look the same.  It will be awesome when I can show you the finished fabric.

Now, share your adventures in Fiber Arts!  Enjoy the Summer Solstice.
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  1. Gosh that yarn looks delicious. So does the cheese.

  2. Hippie! Can't wait to see you the Feta comes out!

  3. You are one very busy and very productive woman: Yarn, cheese, weaving - It all looks luscious!
    - Barbara at Knitting | Work in Progress

  4. CHEESE?! I am in awe. You are incredibly productive!

  5. That yarn is pretty awesome.... I have yet to attempt any art yarns.

  6. Wow what gorgeous yarn! Wish I could spin something like that. Your weaving is really intrigueing, can't wait to see the finished fabric.

  7. Hope everyone has joined in the World Wide Knit in Public Day this week:-)

  8. you are so talented! That yarn is super gorgeous.

  9. I love the "hippie chick" yarn! Such gorgeous colors. Cheese making and weaving Is there anything you can't do! I'm worn out just reading about it. Hope you have a great weekend.

  10. Wow I never knew it took so much milk to make cheese. Good luck with the feta!

  11. Ok, I love that coiled yarn - it's just art. Really beautiful.

    And all that whey - hope the cheese was good. It certainly looks yummy. :)

    And alert: my post is a non-fiber book review, just so everyone knows.