Friday, July 4, 2014

Fiber Arts Friday - Week 27 2014

Welcome to Fiber Arts Friday, the 4th of July Edition.  This week's post will be the celebration of me getting my knitting mojo back.  After a few months of having absolutely no interest in knitting, I had the pleasure of spending the day with my dear friend, Terri, at the MaggiKnits Fashion Show.  We have the pleasure of living only 30 minutes away from Maggi Jackson's USA shop located in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Last Saturday she had an event at her studio which included a fashion show.  OMG!  It was a fabulous day. I not only met new knitting friends but was able to get acquainted with a few I haven't seen in a long time.  If you have been to Stitches or Vogue Knitting, you've most likely seen Maggi and her amazing booth of finished good, yarns and patterns.  What I really love about her booth is that you can actually try on a sample of what you are going to knit in the yarn you will be knitting in and really decide, "Is this me?"

Well, pour the wine and give me a credit card because I found a lot of "Is this me?"

First, as soon as we got to the studio, we drew from a door prize. I won a lovely skein of her yarn along with buttons.  My lucky number 21 was Awesome!  The yarn is called Maggi's Feather Melange. in the red/gray colorway.

Next, I went to town trying on her different display items.  Some were for sale.  Oops!  I might have claimed one for me...oh, yeah!  I did.  What I really like about her designs is that most of them are knit in sections.  This whole sweater is made out of rectangles sewed together.  Not intimidating at all.  Squeal!  It's mine.  It's called the Sleeveless Dipped Cardi.

Well, I couldn't leave without buying something to actually knit.  I picked the Zapillo Shawl.  I loved how it can be draped a bazillion different ways.  I've never knit with linen before so I'm very excited to try new techniques plus use a new yarn.  Her yarn is amazing.

Knitting at Maggi's home
After a day at her studio, we all left for a quick dinner then met back at the studio for a mystery knit night.  She took us to her home which had a gorgeous view of Kalamazoo.  I lived there while I was in college and never saw it above the tree tops like we did that night.
Terri, knitting and enjoying the view

It was a few more hours of pure knitting joy.  Maggi even let me use her knitting needles so I could cast on my project right away.  She is an amazing woman! I was lucky to spend the day with so many amazing women including my wonderful friend Terri.
Maggi and Me

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  1. Love the red, white and grey yarn, love that sleeveless cardi and I love that last pic of you! Happy weekend!

  2. Sounds like a great day..and fabulous door prizes

  3. Sounds like a wonderful day. :-)

  4. The perfect "fiber" blend: Great yarn, lovely designs, wonderful people, good wine, fabulous views ... Sounds delightful.

    Knitting | Work in Progress

  5. Love the red/grey colourway, and that cardi is soooo gorgeous and don't you look fab in it :D

  6. That sweater is really interesting! As always, I adore your colours :)

  7. I love your haircut. Looks very chic.

    Let us know how the linen knits up -- hopefully not like handling cotton?

  8. Sounds like you had a great time. :) Isn't it interesting how we can be inspired by other people's work? I always read a few blog posts before I head down to sew :) Love the cardigan!

  9. I envy you for being about to spend time with a designer in such an intimate setting. The cardigan looks great on you!

  10. Glad you had fun and found your knitting mojo! And I like the new 'do too. :)